KIOSK - type prefabricated transformer

Kiosk – type prefabricated transformer substation (Kiosk substation) has capacity and voltage up to 2000kVA and 35 kV is manufactured by ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY (THIBIDI) and tested in accordance with standard IEC62271-202.

The Enclosure is designed and manufactured in modular type, it is  divided into three compartments (Medium-voltage (MV) compartment, transformer compartment, low-voltage (LV) compartment) in order to bring  a high flexibility and meeting all installed requirements of  customers.

- MV compartment: is designed in the form RMU switchboard (installed MV switchgear, MV fuses and controlgear of producers: Siemens, ABB, Schneider,…)

- Transformer compartment: installed THIBIDI distribution transformer.

- LV compartment: installed LV switchgear and controlgear, measurement equipments as LS, Schneider, Siemens, ABB,…

For so many years experience in the field of electrical equipment, THIBIDI Kiosk type substation products bring customers the following benefits:

- Ensures safety for the public and operating personnel.

- Protecting transformer outstandingly, ensuring the lifetime of equipments.

- Pre-designed solutions are available for optimized designs, high reliability.

- Low installation cost.

- Pre-test units at the factory. Simple and quick installation.

- Needing to be a little bit of infrastructure item, high aesthetics.


Kiosk – Type prefabricated transformer substation

RMU switchboard 


Low voltage switchboard



- Other range of capacities and voltages are typical designed according to the requirements of customers.
- For more detailed information about Kiosk – Type prefabricated transformer substation is manufactured by ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY, please refer to our Catalog at website:


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