Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company (known as THIBIDI) was established in 1980, specializing in manufacturing and supplying various kinds of transformers, belonging to Electrical Equipment Corporation under Ministry of Industry. Its headquarters is located in the Bien Hoa Industrial Zone No. 1, Road No. 09, An Binh ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province, Viet Nam.

THIBIDI is the biggest manufacturer of distribution transformers in Vietnam and is well-known because of its best quality and services. With managerial expertise, team of experienced engineers and skilled workers, THIBIDI has been continuously improving its products and services to satisfy customers’ demand and to integrate Vietnam transformers into SoutheastAsian area as well as the global market.

With modern equipment, synchronous imported from the advanced countries in the world, Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company has ability to design, manufacture and supply for domestic and foreign customers the products. 1 phase, 3 phase and other types of transformers, capacity from 10KVA to 10,000KVA, voltage up to 35KV

Transformers of THIBIDI are designed to approach international standards. Our product are tested according to IEC - 60076 standards or customers’ requirements.

THIBIDI transformers have been certified “Power-saving product” in accordance with TCVN: 8525:2010  by the Ministry of Trade.

Especially since early 2005, THIBIDI has successfully researched and launched the range of Dry-Type Transformers from 250 KVA to 2500 KVA, voltage up to 35KV; Product range Padmounted transformers with capacity from 250 KVA to 2500 KVA, voltage up to 22 KV
Since the beginning of 2000, THIBIDI has been certified ISO 9001 quality management system by the international certification BUREAU VERITAS - UK and the Quacert - Vietnam standard certification.


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