Single-phase transformer

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Three-phase transformer

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dry-type transformer

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About us

THIBIDI specializes in manufacturing and supplying various kinds of transformers. It is a State-Owned Enterpise belonging to Electrical Technical Corporation under Ministry of Industry. Its Headquarter is located in Bien Hoa Industrial Zone 1, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam.

Thanks to a team of experienced engineers, veteran experts and skilled workers, THIBIDI has been continuously improving its products and services to meet the customer's demands better, adn always deliver the goods punctually with the best products and services. Withd modern, synchronous equipment and machinary imported from advanced countries in the World, THIBIDI is capable of designing, manufacturing and supplying domestic and foreign customers with single phase, three phase and intermediate transformers with capacity from 10 to 10.000KVA, voltage up to 35KV.
At the beginning of the year 2000, Electrical Equipment Company obtained the certificate on Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9002 International Quality Standard granted by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQi) Britain and Quality Assurance and Certification Center (QUACERT) - Vietnam.




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